Dr Cody Hanish BS DC CCWP takes his time to properly address your concerns and uses his extensive knowledge and experience to give you a precise diagnosis and explanation of your condition. You will also be given prescribed homework including stretches, exercises, and lifestyle modifications that will ensure your care progresses rather than takes steps backward. Whatever your health goals are, Dr Cody will work closely with you to achieve those. Dr Cody is also currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine. He is expected to be qualified to treat horses and dogs by the end of 2019. 



Dr Nicolas Soares is a Brazilian born Bachelor of Chiropractic. He specialises in myotherapy and myofascial release techniques to help people recover from sports injuries. He is also trained in post-injury rehabilitation. He is a passionate marathon runner. He has worked with IronMan athletes and many professional soccer players. 


We hold regular Yoga classes every Friday evening at 7:30pm for just $20. This is a perfect way to wind down after a long week. We supply the mats and towels. Spaces are strictly limited to just 8 people as we want to ensure you get the most out of your yoga practice and to ensure you get the attention from the instructor. 


Dry Needling

At Thrive, we use needling for many different conditions. You can use it purely on it's own or in conjunction with other forms of therapy to give you the best results possible. We do not use needling in an Eastern sense, but more a Western philosophy around creating cell damage to speed up the healing process and make your body better and stronger for longer. We even use a dry needling technique to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles off your face to make you look younger, and have radiant, glowing skin.

Aesthetic medicine

Dr Jonathan Hopkirk is an Australian trained medical doctor, with a special interest in aesthetic medicine.

He holds a Bachelor in Human Anatomy, and Structural Biology, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and have completed certification in Anti Wrinkle Injectables.

His aim and passion is to help people on their journey to feeling content in their own skin and with how they look. By taking a holistic approach he wishes to help his clients on their personal journey by meeting their expectations as precisely as he can with his acquired skills.