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DR CODY HANISH - Director - Chiropractor

B.S., D.C., C.C.W.P, Cert. Flexion Decompression, Cert. Chiropractic Radiology, Qualified Dry Needling Therapist

Author of The Healthy Alternative: Why Chiropractic Care Is The Safest And Most Effective Way To Restore And Maintain Optimal Health Naturally!


Dr Cody graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Upon graduation, Dr Cody moved to Sydney. He has since established himself as a leading expert in health and wellness and is currently the owner of Thrive Health. Not only is he a leading Chiropractic expert in Australia and around the world in human health and wellness, he is a distinguished animal chiropractor as well.


Dr Cody is amongst an elite group of health care practitioners that has underwent post-graduate studies to become at Certified Chiropractic Wellnes Lifestyle Practitioner. This qualifies him as one of the industry's leaders in human health and wellness and gives him the leading edge in caring for his patients...and their dogs too!


"I will never expect any of my patients to do something that I don't do myself. You can always rest assured that you are getting sound health advice from someone who lives and breathes health."


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